Slavery In The West A History Of Massacres Savage Miners Dreams Of White Cousins Before You Start Celebrating The New Gold Rush Rivers Of Acid Mercury Madness Legacy Of Poison The Pomo & the Paiute Forced Relocation

Thanks to Inkworks Press for design and printing this report, Jean LeMarr and Pacific Western Traders for the donating their artwork for the front and back cover respectively, to Janeen Antoine of American Indian Contemporary Arts Gallery in San Francisco for arranging the artwork. Thanks to Bob Dawson, Kate Jordahl, Bradley Angel for contemporary photographs, the staff of the Arizona, California and Nevada Historical society for archival photographs. Thanks also to Charles Houston who retyped this report for the World Wide Web.

For advice and support we would like to thank January Chaix and Otis Parish of the Californian Indian Museum, Chris Peters of Seven Generation Fund, Judy Talogan and Tom Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network, Tony Gonzalez and Alberto Saldamando of the International Indian Treaty Council and the board members of the Californian Indian Basket Weavers Association. For contemporary information from the tribes we would like to thank Jim Brown and Raymond Brown Jr. of the Pomo peoples. Robert Ulaberri of the Hupa and Karuk reservations respectively, Carole Miller of the Wintu peoples, Rose Rodarte of the Paiute, Anita Collins of the Nevada Intertribal Environmental Coalition and Carrie Dann of the Western Shoshone. Historians Gray Brechin and Malcolm Margolin also provided valuable material and advice as did the staff of the United States Geological Service and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Lastly but not leastly the other staff members of Project Underground: Danny Kennedy, Steve Kretzmann and Shanna Langdon, to the California project volunteers Catherine Baldi, Patty Lemley, Melanie Okamoto and Ursula Chanse. Thank you.